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([personal profile] kevyn Jun. 11th, 2020 03:41 pm)
The journal you are now encountering is my emotional dumping ground. I keep most of it behind a friends-only filter, so that the whole world doesn't see my business. This is my real-life journal, and one of the ways I have learned to constructively deal with my unstable emotions is to write about them. My friends, family, and trusted others get to see the whole picture of me, warts and all. The only things I generally allow the whole world to read are miscellaneous memes, news articles, humour, political items, and anything else that happens catches my atten... oooh, look! Shiny!

If you would like to read most of my writings, you will need to create a Dreamwidth account. Please email me to add you to the list:

If you are currently a subscriber and want to remove me, that's fine. I won't be offended. Just drop me a note to say you don't have time to read me right now, or whatever, and I'll understand.

And if I read your comment and forget to comment back, don't take it personally. I'm absent minded that way, and a horrible procrastinator when it comes to text communications -- I tend to sit on things a while.

Sex filter: I also have a friends-only filter for slutty subjects, namely where I write openly about my sex life -- which usually (but not always!) involves big hairy men. In order to read these posts, you must specifically ask to be given access to my carnal inner sanctum.

End-User License Agreement (EULA): By reading this LiveJournal, You agree to Bind your Soul to Mine for all Eternity. Furthermore, You agree to develop a sense of humour, to not take things I say so seriously (especially when I'm being egotistical, whiny, or sarcastic), hold harmless the author for any and all copyright or copyleft infringements, and to not take it personally when He thoughtlessly forgets to answer Your comments in a timely fashion. RadicalFaerie customs, mores, and decorum rule in this space. Adult subject matter is contained within. You have been warned.

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