I was going to write a scathing invective about how the IDF killed a whole bunch of innocent Gazans in a UN school that didn't have any Hamas terrorists... those innocent Gazans who were warned by the IDF to evacuate their homes ahead of bombing... so they ran to a UN school for shelter... where they were bombed.

I was going to write that Vatican officials are now comparing Gaza to a "concentration camp."

I was going to write that I think there are some terrible possibilities on display: that Israel wants to drive the Gazans into Egypt, as some sort of reverse Exodus... or Israel is willing to commit genocide.

I don't want to believe its true.

But I'm too numb. I don't feel the anger now, just... resignation.

I'm going to bed.
Another victim of the economic crunch:

Western Washington University is ending its Football program

WWU has had a huge budget shortfall, due to the economic meltdown. For instance, they've frozen hiring for all open positions -- part of why I can't seem to find a job locally. Closing down the college football program for economic reasons is just further evidence about how bad it's getting.

Western's not a big football school. In my 2 years at the school, I never went to a game. None of my friends went to games. Football just never was very big here. Unlike many schools, football was never much of a source of revenue, and the program is losing money.

But I have to admit, I'm still a little surprised...

Taking advantage of all this time on my hands, I've uploaded most of the photos from my 2003 Walkabout across Yukon & British Columbia. (I'm still looking for the others I have around here somewhere).

These are raw, without editing, identifications, locations, or comment.

I owe a special debt of gratitude to [livejournal.com profile] detailbear for developing these. Thank you, Kevin!


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