And, so, Obama's true colours are now showing: He's Israel's Bitch.

Let's review how I see it:

Right-wing Jewish Supremacists (U.S. corollary: White Supremacists) in the Israeli government, with backing from the U.S. Military-Industrial Complex and End Times Christian Fundamentalists, are committed to taking over all of the historic lands of Israel currently occupied by Palestinians. While the Israeli government officially denies this is the real long-term goal, its actions speak much louder than words.

In the West Bank, this takeover is being accomplished through the incremental use of settlers to steal land, and apartheid-like measures to oppress the non-Jewish residents. In Gaza, the takeover is being accomplished through creation of a "ghetto," a closed off and blockaded pocket of Palestinians, many of them refugees from other parts of Israel.

With the impending election of Barack Hussein Obama as president of the United States, the warmongers in the Israeli government see that they only have a short time to advance the Zionist cause under the Bush Doctrine, before Obama takes office.

On U.S. election day, Nov. 4, 2008, Israel breaks the cease fire with democratically-elected Hamas, provoking the militants by sending IDF soldiers on a raid into Gaza. Hamas retaliates with renewed rocket fire.

On December 27, 2008, under the rubric of "fighting terrorism," with weapons supplied by the United States, Israel begins bombing civilian targets in Gaza, saying that the targets are being used by Hamas militants. Hundreds of civilians are killed.

On Jan 3, 2009, the Israeli ground invasion begins, using U.S. military armaments and with the backing of the United States. Many more Gazan civilians die. Hamas continues to fire homemade rocket and mortar attacks into Israel from Gaza, as does Fatah, Hama's chief political rival in Gaza. Very few Israeli civilians are killed. International aid workers and journalists are kept out of Gaza by Israel. A humanitarian crisis ensues, which Israel denies is happening. 15% of all buildings in Gaza are destroyed. Electricity, water, and food are almost completely destroyed. Hospitals and schools are bombed, as well as all police stations.

Although the Israeli's claim that they are there trying to stop rocket attacks, it becomes clear that they are trying to destroy Gaza's infrastructure and get the people to flee. Egypt continues to keep the border between itself and Gaza closed, so that refugees cannot cross into Egypt. Forcing large number of Gazans into Egypt now appears to be one of the primary unstated goals of the invasion, but Egypt does not cooperate.

During this tumultuous period, president-elect Obama is repeatedly asked to make a statement on the crisis, but demurs, saying "there is only one president at a time." However, because of his earlier statements criticizing the terrorist attacks in Mumbai, India, it is clear that this is a dishonest stance on Obama's part. (Obameter: -1 (+4))

President-elect Obama's very first appointment after the election was the appointment of Rahm Israel Emmanuel, hawkish Democrat and son of a Jerusalem-born member of the militant Zionist paramilitary organization, Irgun, as his White House Chief of Staff. This ensures that pro-Zionist voices are the only ones heard in the administration. (Obameter: -2 (+2))

On January 17, 2009, just before the U.S. presidential inauguration, Israel declares a unilateral ceasefire without any agreement from Hamas. It is immediately clear that this was timed in order to provide Obama cover, so he does not have to address ongoing violence in Gaza.

The day after the inauguration, Obama began calling leaders in the region: Israel, Egypt, Syria, and Palestinian "leader" Abbas (who has no power base, and is just a stooge). Who didn't Obama call? Hamas. (Obameter: -1 (+1))

Speaking at the State Department yesterday, Obama finally broke his silence. And it was immediately clear where Obama stands: Israel are the "good guys," Hamas are the "bad guys."

Some choice quotes from Obama, with my responses:

"America is committed to Israel’s security."

But obviously not Palestine's security.

"And we will always support Israel’s right to defend itself against legitimate threats."

And what of Palestine's right to defend itself?

"For years, Hamas has launched thousands of rockets at innocent Israeli citizens."

And for years, Israel has been killing, occupying and blockading innocent Palestinian civilians.

"No democracy can tolerate such danger to its people, nor should the international community, and neither should the Palestinian people themselves, whose interests are only set back by acts of terror."

Let's not forget that Gaza is also a democracy. Hamas was democratically elected.

Obama went on to talk about innocent Israelis, but not innocent Palestinians. He equated both sides, as if Israel and Hamas were morally equal. They clearly are not.

What Obama never did was criticize Israel's behaviour over the past few weeks. Obama never addressed the root causes of the violence.

The only positive things Obama said was to state that the crossings into Gaza should be opened, and the blockade ended. (Obameter: +1 (+2)) However, it's clear that the Israelis are not interested in doing so, and will probably find excuses to ignore this. Obama also appointed George Mitchell (who helped broker the 1998 Good Friday Accords in Northern Ireland) as U.S. envoy to the Middle East. (Obameter: +2 (+4))

I was willing to give Obama the benefit of the doubt, but it is now clear that his policy towards Israel will not be substantially different than the Bush administration. Obama is unwilling to address the root causes of the conflict. He has broken the silence, and his policies are now open to fair criticism. Because of this speech, I've just lost a lot of respect for Obama.

For more on the Obama speech, and what it means, I encourage you to listen to Noam Chomsky's interview with Democracy Now! today.

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