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( Feb. 4th, 2009 05:24 am)
Foot bothering me intensely now... pain keeping me up all night... keeping myself distracted by watching Mary Tyler Moore on Hulu... please can someone bring me some painkillers?
My right foot is swollen, and it hurts to put any weight on it. I had to cancel an appointment I had for this morning because I can't leave the apartment, much less make it downtown. I can't walk down the stairs again, and am pretty much bedridden again. Worse part is, this time all I have is aspirin, which doesn't work well for gout. I need real painkillers!

I'm pretty sure its another gout attack, in combination with my disintegrating orthotics, and my shoes which are starting to wear unevenly from the pronation. Last night, I had Krab dip and crackers for dinner, and I just know that's what must have exacerbated it. It seems that anytime I eat artificial crab meat anymore, I get a gout attack. Ouch. I also probably overdid it on the meat protein last night... I had gone to Haggen when I received my food stamps yesterday, and was craving meat, so I also got some fried chicken.

And the pain started 2 days ago when I ate salmon I got from the food bank last week. Sheesh.

What I am eating is killing me!


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