The Anti-Gentilist rhetoric coming out of Israel these days is caustic and rising, and it worries me greatly. The election of the right wing government, on the heels of the invasion of Gaza, raises all sorts of fears in me about the Zionist racism that bubbles just under the surface of some parts of Israeli society. (If one truly believes that one's people are "God's Chosen People," is that not the very definition of racist?)

The IDF seems especially prone to this racism, and its accompanying brutality. This is frightening, because these are the people who have the guns and the nukes, many of whom don't want a two-state solution, and many of whom are itching to go to war with Iran. I can only hope that the saner parts of Israeli society, as well as the Diaspora Jews, will prevail. Otherwise, I'm afraid it's going to get much, much uglier in the Middle East.

Food for thought:

  • Gaza war crime claims gather pace as more troops speak out
  • Israeli Soldiers Say IDF Rabbis Framed Gaza as Religious War
  • "The state of Israel is at war with the Palestinian people"
  • Worried about apartheid? Too late, Mr Olmert, it’s already here
  • Palestinians Not Allowed to Walk, Buy Food in Jerusalem Neighborhood
  • Zionism is the Problem: The idea of a Jewish state is keeping Israelis and Palestinians from living in peace.

    These T-shirts are particularly outrageous:

    Shalom. Salaam. Peace.
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    ( Mar. 23rd, 2009 10:08 am)
    I just made me some tomato soup for lunch. But I don't have any crackers.

    So I dumped in Rice Crispies instead.

    Actually tastes pretty good... and is entertaining, to boot!
    They Snap! Crackle! Pop! in tomato soup just like they do in milk!

    And now a blast from the past... Tom Paris orders Tomato Soup:

    (Hee hee hee I'm so easily entertained...)


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