Zambian VP George Kunda spoke to Parliament this week, saying that "the government knew of people who had married to hide their homosexuality", and asked Zambians to "report those people to the police."
( Read more here )

If I were a Zambian gay, right about now I would be applying for refugee status with nearby South Africa, or looking to the West as a refuge. If this is going to develop into a full-scale witch hunt for gays, which seems likely, then running is probably a good idea.
(Note: The Bellingham Radical Faeries will be participating. Gabrielle from Whatcom 1QC came to our coffee this morning to personally invite us.)

Whatcom One Queer Community (1QC) Hosts

A Rally for Human Rights:
REPEAL The Defense Of Marriage Act (D.O.M.A.) and Don't Ask, Don't Tell (DaDt)

Saturday, April 4th, 2009
3-6PM outside The Blue Horse Gallery
301 Holly Street in the Bay Street Village
Bellingham, WA

Senator Maria Cantwell will be guest at a Reception at 4PM on the 4th in The Blue Horse Gallery.

This will be a PEACEFUL HUMAN RIGHTS RALLY (it is not a "Protest', please avoid using negative terms)

We will host a Human Rights Rally asking her to support Human Rights by Giving Voice to LGBTQ issues and voting to Repeal Defense of Marriage Act (D.O.M.A.) and Don't Ask, Don't Tell (DaDt) We will ask her to listen to her Constituents, Friends, Family members and Allies of Human Rights and LGBTQ Rights and to ACT on our behalf, and in support of President Obama's Promises.

*A Sign-Making Party will occur on Monday March 30th at 5PM at the Administration Office of Planned Parenthood, 2300 James Street across from the Avenue Breads Deli.(Volunteers WELCOME!)
*Signatures will be collected in support of REPEALING D.O.M.A and DaDt at the Farmer's Market in the street from 10AM-3PM on April 4th. (Volunteers WELCOME!)


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