US Strike Kills Dozens of Afghan Civilians

Helllloooooo.... Anti-war movement? Do you even exist?

I hate feeling like the only one who gives a damn that we're fighting yet another stupid, pointless war, this time in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Innocent people are dying there every day, killed by us, and we're going deeper into debt to do it. Just so the Pentagon warriors can control the oil, and line the pocketbooks of their military contractors.

For years now, we've been trying to fight -- I dunno, "Al Queda?" "the Taliban?" "terrorists?" in Afghanistan, an ill-defined and ill-advised war I have long predicted we are going to lose. Why? Because for every one of "them" you kill, ten more rise up to avenge "them."

No one has ever subjugated Afghanistan. Not the Soviets. Not the British. Why do we think we're better -- because of our technology? We have armchair warriors in Nevada operating drones that kill people in Afghanistan and Pakistan. What a cowardly way to run a war.

This is just wrong.

And nobody in America seems to care.


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