There's a new public housing building being constructed in downtown Bellingham, called the Walton Bldg. Anyone who has driven down State Street, just around the corner from the bus station, will know what building I'm talking about. It's very conveniently located, and is a "tax credit building," which means that the city gives a tax credit to the landlord in exchange for low income housing units. It will be opening in August. They have 30% rental 1 bedroom units for $280 a month for qualified renters. Based upon my income, I qualify.

On the advice of Desirae, my case worker with the Whatcom Homeless Resource Center, I called them today and got on the waiting list for a unit. No guarantee I'll get in, but at least I am on the waiting list for when they open. There are several other buildings I am also going to apply for, with the hope of finding someplace affordable to stay once my lease runs out.


I could deal with living downtown. Noisy, but close to EVERYTHING. Less than a block to the bus station. Three blocks to my doctor's office. Near the Co-Op and the Public Market. Not far from Ted, and Faerie Coffee.

Here's hoping!
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( May. 14th, 2009 06:38 pm)
OK Mr. President, let's see...

* You refuse to release torture photos of crimes committed by the previous administration with the lame excuse, "it will inflame anti-American sentiment." I've got news for you... you're inflaming anti-American sentiment by doing this!

* You refuse to overturn Don't Ask Don't Tell, and continue to kick gay Arab linguists out of the army while we're OCCUPYING not one but TWO Muslim countries!

* You continue to bomb hundreds of innocent civilians in Afghanistan, feeding the war machine that creates more terrorists, so your campaign contributor buddies can keep getting rich!

* And you have taken Single Payer Health Care off the table!

Is there some particular reason people thought you were the "good guy" when they voted for you?

Pssssht. You're just another damn corrupt Democratic politician.

I'm glad I "wasted my vote" on the Green party. At least the candidate I voted for HAS SOME SPINE!!!!!!


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