I'm off to the Longhouse Radical Faerie Gathering for the long weekend! For this weekend, I will not worry about:

  • jobs
  • meds
  • disabilities
  • housing
  • public assistance
  • ...or anything else that won't matter in 100 years.

    That will all still be there for me to worry about come Tuesday.

    For this weekend, I am a humble servant of the Bog Goddess, and I shall revel in her moistness!
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    The California Supreme Court is expected to hand down its gay marriage decision This Tuesday (May 26). If you're in Bellingham, join us at 5:30pm at the corner of Magnolia and Cornwall (at the Federal Bldg.) for a pro-marriage rally. If it's a positive decision, we'll celebrate. If it's negative, we'll protest.
    More info: http://www.dayofdecision.com/


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