Went to Interfaith today for a medical check up with my nurse practitioner. Weight is up 5 pounds since last month, at 417. She congratulated me on quitting smoking, and talked with me about the increasing fatigue, and the anemia, both of which are concerns, and may be related. She agreed to lower the dose of Abilify from 10mg back down to 5mg, which may be a cause of the fatigue. She also ordered a battery of blood work for the anemia, which she has identified as Normocytic anemia -- meaning I have lowered red blood cell count, but normal sized cells. White blood cell count and iron levels are normal. A colonoscopy will not be necessary, because the stool samples came back negative for blood.

She says she will consult with an M.D. about the anemia, to see if we can figure out what's going on, because I am frankly tired all the time.

She also ordered a battery of STD screens, which I ask for yearly.


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