(Another library post, since my Internet is still down)

This has been a perfectly dreadful morning. The Akathisia has been bad, even though I didn't take an Abilify today or yesterday. I'm somewhat depressed and not thinking clearly. I had to force myself out of bed, and managed to get myself dressed, and walked to the bus stop before having what was essentially a panic attack. I went right back home, then sat on the front steps looking for someone to borrow a phone from, so I could call Debbie (my DVR caseworker) to tell her I just couldn't make it.

A Bellingham city worker was installing traffic monitors in the street in front of the house, and turns out it was Justin ([personal profile] man_of_snows' partner). He let me use his phone, and Debbie told me to call the doctor. I promised I would. Justin showed me how the monitors worked -- they are magnetic detectors -- and then I went over to [profile] seespikerun's to use his phone and call Interfaith. I asked to speak to the nurse, told her what was happening, and got her OK to stop taking the Abilify (which I already have). She'll let my prescribing physician know what happened, and I'll be in to see the psychiatrist next week.

Then, after resting a few minutes, letting the panic pass, I caught the bus downtown and went to the library, where I am now. I have an appointment at Interfaith in half an hour to get my STD test results -- I am expecting them to all be negative. Then I am going back home and back to bed.


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