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( May. 14th, 2009 06:38 pm)
OK Mr. President, let's see...

* You refuse to release torture photos of crimes committed by the previous administration with the lame excuse, "it will inflame anti-American sentiment." I've got news for you... you're inflaming anti-American sentiment by doing this!

* You refuse to overturn Don't Ask Don't Tell, and continue to kick gay Arab linguists out of the army while we're OCCUPYING not one but TWO Muslim countries!

* You continue to bomb hundreds of innocent civilians in Afghanistan, feeding the war machine that creates more terrorists, so your campaign contributor buddies can keep getting rich!

* And you have taken Single Payer Health Care off the table!

Is there some particular reason people thought you were the "good guy" when they voted for you?

Pssssht. You're just another damn corrupt Democratic politician.

I'm glad I "wasted my vote" on the Green party. At least the candidate I voted for HAS SOME SPINE!!!!!!
There's a new public housing building being constructed in downtown Bellingham, called the Walton Bldg. Anyone who has driven down State Street, just around the corner from the bus station, will know what building I'm talking about. It's very conveniently located, and is a "tax credit building," which means that the city gives a tax credit to the landlord in exchange for low income housing units. It will be opening in August. They have 30% rental 1 bedroom units for $280 a month for qualified renters. Based upon my income, I qualify.

On the advice of Desirae, my case worker with the Whatcom Homeless Resource Center, I called them today and got on the waiting list for a unit. No guarantee I'll get in, but at least I am on the waiting list for when they open. There are several other buildings I am also going to apply for, with the hope of finding someplace affordable to stay once my lease runs out.


I could deal with living downtown. Noisy, but close to EVERYTHING. Less than a block to the bus station. Three blocks to my doctor's office. Near the Co-Op and the Public Market. Not far from Ted, and Faerie Coffee.

Here's hoping!
Day 39: South China Sea
My knees are starting to bother me again, seriously. I almost cannot straighten the left one out all the way, and am walking with a slight limp again.

I started off the day by taking the bus down to Haggen to go grocery shopping. After I got back, I rested a while, then went downtown to see my therapist at Interfaith. We talked about how I've been feeling really tired lately, and how I thought that quitting smoking and the anemia may be factors, and he suggested something I hadn't considered: I recently upped my dose of Abilify from 5mg to 10mg, and tiredness is a known side effect of the drug. Oho! I'll certainly be talking about this with my prescriber later this week!

While at the therapist's office, I stepped on the scale: 416 lbs. That's up 4 lbs from my previous highest. No doubt quitting smoking is a factor, but no wonder I feel so bad, I've gained weight!

I also went to the podiatrist to have my new orthotics checked out. mostly, they seem to be doing pretty good, so I don't need to go back unless I have any further problems with my feet and ankles.

This journal entry also marks my first regular entry on Dreamwidth, crossposting to LiveJournal. I am still trying to decide if I should fully migrate over there. So far, I like what I see, though I am annoyed that they, too, have a 1000 maximum on tags.
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OK, time to pull the plug on this show. Agent Booth just had an argument with Stewie from "Family Guy."

( Earlier: 2009.02.01: I think Bones has Jumped the Shark )
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( May. 9th, 2009 08:02 pm)
So far today, I've seen a Northern Flicker and two Roufous Hummingbirds come through on the Great Migratory Interstate that runs through Bellingham.
(From The Betty Pages, Bellingham's Alternative and Entertainment Tabloid, May 2009 issue.)

Hanging Out with the Radical Faeries

By Hagrid

Every Satyrday morning for almost two years, the Bellingham Radical Faeries descend on the Three Trees Coffeehouse to chat over coffee. Our motley band of queer men come together to share news, joke, gossip, and just enjoy each other's company.

"I like hanging around with people who understand me," said Sir Mador, who like many of the Fae, uses a Faerie name. "And I like hanging our with people who are gay."

Saturday morning coffee with the Faeries is a relaxing, low-pressure way for gay men to interact socially, without needing to go to the bar or the Internet. (Traditionally, Radical Faerie coffee is "men's space," but we don't discriminate if women wish to attend.) There's no agenda, no meeting, no minutes, no officers. But it's far more than just a simple social group. It's a community of like-minded individuals who see the world just a little differently.

But what exactly IS a Radical Faerie? And what's so "radical" about us? If you ask a hundred of us to define what a Radical Faerie is, you'll likely get a hundred different answers. There's no "One True Way" to be a RadFae. Each of us defines what the term means to us, and through consensus, create our Faerie community. Radical Faerie is not a title that one bestows on another. Rather, one must choose to be a Faerie, and you know inside if the title fits.

Radical Faeries believe that being gay is a gift, a special queer talent that we bring to the world. We straddle both the worlds of men and women, never fully embracing either, and bringing our own unique style of humour, playful social criticism, sexiness, and fabulousness wherever we go.

We are often described as artists, oddballs, shamans, mystics, nonconformists, creators and shapers, gentle old souls, madmen, satyrs, geeks, iconoclasts, wizards, and those guys with the OUTRAGEOUS fashion sense! All of these are true, and none of these are true. You have to get to know us to see which labels truly fit -- and then, we'll probably reject your labels anyway.

Spiritually, we run the gamut, from Neopagan, to Christian, to Buddhist, to Jewish, to a growing current of Atheism. It's not what you believe, or don't believe, that makes a RadFae, though we do owe a large debt of thanks to the Neopaganism and Feminist movements for our raised consciousness. Rather, it's about letting our own true inner spirit shine, as queer men, in a way that is unapologetic and playful.

Often, RadFaes will adopt a "Faerie Name," indicating some aspect of a person's nature., Some Faes choose their own names, while others have their names bestowed by others. That's exactly what happened to me some years back, when I was at a Faerie gathering in Vancouver, BC, and a 21-year-old Faerieling walked up to me and said, "You look just like Hagrid from Harry Potter." Joyfully, the name stuck.

Faeries often hold festivals, or gatherings, frequently in remote and wilderness places. It is at these gatherings that we truly let down our hair, and become our true selves. All decision making is done by consensus, and when Faeries gather, the normal rules of social discourse do not apply. It is when we gather, away from the mundane world, that we are at our most radical.

But I digress. We were talking about Satyrday coffee!

Instead of having me tell you why we get together every week, let me let' some of the Bellingham Radical Faeries tell you in their own words why they come to coffee, week after week!

Ted E. Bare, the group's only octogenarian, likes the fact that it gives him a place talk with younger gays. "I like the opportunity to hang out with younger people who respect me for who I am, and they listen to me," says Ted.

Robert places a high priority on face-to-face connection. "I value interacting with real people. It's real people rather than watching TV and living vicariously through celebrities."

Betty Desire's alter ego, Matt, often attends as well. "I go because I love the people who go. I enjoy the age mix."

Perhaps my favorite reason for going to Faerie Coffee comes from Chef: "I just like to hang out with friends, and bullshit, and drink coffee!"

Bellingham Radical Faerie Coffee takes place every Satyrday from 11am-ish to 1pm-ish, at the Three Trees Coffeehouse, 118 West Holly St., in Bellingham. Online info at
Obama To Fire His First Gay Arabic Linguist

This tired trend of firing gay linguists has been going on in the Army for some time under the Bush administration. Don't Ask Don't Tell needs to be repealed. Obama can now end it, as he promised us.
I finished my 6-week F.L.A.R.E. (Financial Literacy and Renter Education) class this afternoon. They gave each of us a certificate.
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( May. 6th, 2009 08:53 am)
Slept OK last night, got up this morning, had a bagel with cream cheese and tea for breakfast while watching The Daily Show with Jon Stewart on hulu. It's dark and gloomy here this morning, so I turned on my light box, took my meds, then took a shower.

By the time I finished with my shower, I was exhausted... had to force myself to brush my hair... put on a new nicotine patch... I'm going back to bed. I have close to zero energy today...
US Strike Kills Dozens of Afghan Civilians

Helllloooooo.... Anti-war movement? Do you even exist?

I hate feeling like the only one who gives a damn that we're fighting yet another stupid, pointless war, this time in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Innocent people are dying there every day, killed by us, and we're going deeper into debt to do it. Just so the Pentagon warriors can control the oil, and line the pocketbooks of their military contractors.

For years now, we've been trying to fight -- I dunno, "Al Queda?" "the Taliban?" "terrorists?" in Afghanistan, an ill-defined and ill-advised war I have long predicted we are going to lose. Why? Because for every one of "them" you kill, ten more rise up to avenge "them."

No one has ever subjugated Afghanistan. Not the Soviets. Not the British. Why do we think we're better -- because of our technology? We have armchair warriors in Nevada operating drones that kill people in Afghanistan and Pakistan. What a cowardly way to run a war.

This is just wrong.

And nobody in America seems to care.
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( May. 4th, 2009 12:51 pm)
Nothing like a paperwork-happy bureaucracy to annoy me...
Click for unnecessary drama )
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( May. 4th, 2009 12:01 am)
May the Fourth Be With You!
(Had to say it!)
Happy Birthday to you!
You live in a Zoo!
You look like a Monkey!
And you smell like one too!

Have a great one, Adam!

How Swine Flu Got Started
Source: Unknown (viral)

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( May. 1st, 2009 04:35 pm)
So I'm debating buzzing off my hair and donating it to Wigs for Kids, or Locks of Love, or another one of those hair donation organizations. I've read some criticism on Locks of Love, that most hair donated gets sold commercially instead of being given to kids, and the money used to fund hair systems for kids with permanent hair loss, like from alopecia, while Wigs for Kids gives to all kids, including cancer survivors with short-term hair loss.

Anyone have any experience with either organization, or know anything I need to know before making my choice?
I finally fell asleep at 02:30 in the morning, and then woke up at 05:30.
I knew I shouldn't have drank that Cola in the evening!


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