This is an ASTOUNDING piece of journalism to be broadcast on U.S. television.

It's astounding because it is rare to get a perspective in the Israel-Palestine conflict that presents the conflict in such stark terms -- and even rarer for a respected U.S. news outfit to even raise the question: IS peace possible? Is the Two-State Solution, advocated by Obama and so many others, a realistic solution?

Watching this story, I think it is not.

Despite what the Israeli government says, the settlers continue to flood the West Bank, making the creation of a Palestinian homeland ever more unlikely. Watching Tzipi Livni say -- with a straight face -- that the settlers will have to be moved out of the West Bank, and the juxtaposition of the settlers saying they won't move, and the IDF will mutiny if ordered to move them... makes me weep for the future. This is a recipe for civil war. There will be blood.

The recent actions by the IDF in Gaza also makes it clear that Israel isn't being honest about its intentions to find a peaceful solution.

What's more, the stunning fact that Arabs will outnumber Jews in ALL of Israel, Gaza, and the West Bank in 10 years, means that the State of Israel isn't viable in its current form. You can't have a state dedicated to one religious/ethnic group when they are the minority.

So what is going to happen?

I see only one peaceful way out: Israel must cease to be a Jewish state, and become a secular democracy where all religions and ethnicities are respected and equal.

Failing that, it's apartheid, ethnic cleansing, and war.

But the Two-State Solution appears to be dead, or will be soon. Demographics will kill it.

And so, it's time to find a new solution.


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