When I went to the WWU health centre yesterday to see my psychiatrist, the receptionist who checked me in gave me some unsolicited advice:

"Take joy in the little things," Paula told me, happy that I was five minutes early for my appointment. "If you build up the little bits of happiness every day, it grows incrementally, like a savings account. Eventually you have a big bank of happiness, and you can let the bad stuff roll off of you much easier."

I smiled at her advice, amused that my being early (for a change) made her so happy.

"And let me tell you what I always tell my kids," she went on. "Every morning, first thing, look in the mirror, and decide if today is going to be a good day, or a bad day. Because the choice to be happy is ultimately yours."

I sincerely thanked her for the advice, and you know what? This morning, I did exactly what she advised. I looked in the mirror, and decided today is going to be a happy day -- after all, there's a big joy in my life today: Having fought tooth and nail to get back in school, I'm starting my next-to-last quarter today!

Heck, who needs psychiatrists when you have receptionists dispensing advice like that?


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