YES! It's official: I will graduate from university in June!

I got the second opinion from a credit evaluator in the registrar's office, and she concurred with what academic advising told me yesterday: I can graduate in June!

In fact, because I was making noise around the registrar's office, they scrutinized my transcripts, and it turned out that they had neglected to transfer in some upper division credits from Semester at Sea. SCORE! Unfortunately, I had already maxed out the 30 upper division credits I am allowed to transfer in, so it doesn't affect my classload this quarter, but it does mean I have even more credits than I had thought!

Eleven weeks to go... 21 years in the making, and I am FINALLY in the home stretch for getting my Bachelor's Degree!

So, yesterday was the first day of classes. I still didn't have my schedule nailed down, so I went up to campus to meet with my adviser, to ask for advice on what classes to take, since I was having trouble finding a class that fit my needs that wasn't full.

A note on her door read, "On vacation for 2 weeks. For advising needs, go to the Academic Advising Office."


So I went to the Academic Advising Office, and met with the same adviser who had guided me into the general studies program last year, when it became clear I couldn't cut it in the computer science program.

I explained my situation -- that I needed 32 credits (2 quarters) to graduate -- and she looked over my transcript, and asked, "Who told you you needed 2 quarters to graduate?"

"My adviser," I replied.

She looked over my paperwork again. "I don't think that's correct. It looks like you have enough here to graduate in June. You only need 12 credits of 300/400 level classes to fulfill the graduation requirements."

"WHAT?!?!" I nearly fell out of my chair.

"I don't know what your adviser was thinking, but I don't think I'm wrong. I think you can graduate this quarter. My advice is for you to go get a second opinion at the registrar's office."

After gratefully thanking her, and taking some suggestions for her for classes to register for this quarter, I went to the Registrar's office. I had a very brief meeting with the woman who evaluated credits for graduation, and she did a very cursory look over my paperwork. She said she didn't see anything amiss that would prevent me from graduating this quarter, but she wanted to see my adviser's sheet (which I hadn't brought with me, unfortunately). She asked me to bring it in the next day, and she'd go over it.

Which means today, I will find out for sure, but it's looking promising that I only have 11 weeks until I graduate!


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