Going through my files, I found this newspaper clipping from 1968.

Even though I was born in Topeka, Kansas, I count Manhattan, Kansas, as my hometown. The only reason I was born at Stormont-Vail is that my mother, an OB-GYN nurse, didn't want to have me where she worked, at St. Mary's hospital in Manhattan. My first home was in Manhattan, on Juliette Ave., which is the address listed on my birth certificate. I have never lived in Topeka.
The text reads:
In Topeka
Hospital Births

St. Francis
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Runnebaum, 4509 E. 45th, girl, March 22.
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Lindeman, 2742 Illinois, boy and girl, March 23.
Mr. and Mrs. George Cober, 645 Sumner, girl, March 23.

Mr. and Mrs. William Welchhans, 5500 W. 19th, girl, march 22.
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Jacobs, Manhattan, boy, March 23.
(From the Topeka Capital-Journal, March 24, 1968)
My graduation announcements were delivered today!

They're embossed in silver and blue on heavy rag paper. The front flap has the school seal, and inside is an etching of Old Main.

The text reads:

The Trustees, The President, faculty
and Graduating Class of
Western Washington University
announce the
Summer Commencement Ceremony
and the awarding of the degree of
Bachelor of Arts
Kevyn Daniel Jacobs
Saturday morning, August twenty-third
Two-thousand and eight
at ten o'clock
Carver Gymnasium
Bellingham, Washington
Admission by ticket only

The envelopes are the same heavy paper as the announcement, and there are embossed return address labels and embossed envelope seals. There's even watermarked tissue paper to put in these! How pretentious is that?

Printing these was really expensive, but worth it.* (Thank you to [livejournal.com profile] teledildonix for helping me get them ordered!)

I'll be mailing these out this afternoon. Better late than never!

I have some extras, so if you want to receive one, let me know -- and make sure I have your address. (Teri, Kevin, Kevin, Kady & Bax, Mac & Catherine, I already have you on my list.)

Everyone who is in the Bellingham area is welcome to attend. (Despite what it says on the announcement, tickets are NOT necessary for admittance.)

* My crass, mercenary, American side says: These were an investment... so my family better send me some graduation money... 'cause I'm unemployed and broke!


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