This morning, I paid $7.60 for a pack of Marlboros at the local grocery store.


The new federal cigarette taxes went into effect today,, TRIPLING the federal tax on tobacco to $1.0066 per pack. Here in Washington State, this federal tax is on top of one of the HIGHEST state cigarette taxes in the nation, $2.025 per pack. That means that smokers here in Washington, like me, are paying $3.03 per pack in taxes.

I can't afford this anymore!

I understand why they are raising the taxes: to pay for child health care. And I'm all for that. It's also the best way to discourage smoking: taxing is always a better alternative to prohibition, which just criminalizes addiction (As a nicotine addict myself, I know that, were it made illegal, I'd end up in jail, because making something illegal won't stop me from getting my fix).

But raising the prices through taxation will.

Which brings me to my dilemma: I simply can't afford to smoke any more. My income is so limited that it's simply no longer possible. I've been scrambling for months to support my nicotine habit, and I've barely kept on top of things. But I'm clearly not going to be able to do that any more.

So I have two choices: Quit, or start stealing to support my habit. (And I know myself very well -- I *will* steal if I am jonesing bad enough.)

I don't want to quit. I really don't. I love smoking. I love it more than life itself, because I'm willing to keep doing something that will kill me.

But it seems that the choice is being taken out of my hands.

I'm going to have to quit. And I'm terrified, because I know what happens to me when I haven't had my nicotine fix. It's worse than heroin.

So. If I am going to quit, I am going to need help. Desperately.

I've been most successful quitting in the past with nicotine patches. But right now,
I can't afford nicotine patches. And unlike cigarettes, I can't just walk up to someone on the street and ask to bum a nicotine patch, the way I can for a cigarette. And unlike cigarettes, nicotine patches aren't sold in individual packs the way cigarettes are. I have to buy a whole box of patches at a time, and these cost around $20-$30 apiece. *sigh*

So here's what I need: I need someone to help me buy nicotine patches. Yes, I know, I'm annoying about bumming cigarette money. But this time, I'm asking for help for a good cause.

If you want to help me quit smoking, please donate!

Can anyone spare $20? $10?

Need to get smokes, dish soap, bar soap, and toilet paper.

If you can spare $40, I can get a dub!

Thank you!

I got a letter from the Washington DSHS today, saying they are discontinuing my medical coverage and monthly cash benefits, effective immediately. (For some reason, I'm still getting food assistance, though).
A plea for financial help )

Let me reiterate this point: I'm asking for LOANS, not handouts. I will repay any money I receive as a result of this plea (Plus 10% interest. Seriously.)

Think of this as an investment in me, my education, and my future. Any amount will help.

Thank you.

Donate here:

AAAAAGH! I'm having major nicotene withdrawals. I'm edgy, jumpy, hostile... and broke. Great, just great.

Anyone want to volunteer to be an enabler for me here and send me $6.50 via PayPal so I can go buy smokes?

Seriously, I'm begging for money for cigaretttes. Save me from having to go panhandle on streetcorners or smoking butts out of ashtrays.

Donate here:



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