Comcast cut my Internet connection for nonpayment a couple of days ago, so I ended up being cut off from the world (eeep!) It's just as well, because I was getting pretty pissed off at Comcast because of their refusal to honour net neutrality, and the recent news that Comcast is actively interfering with P2P traffic like BitTorrent and Gnutella. Plus they charge $50 a month for cable internet here, and I just can't afford it.

So bye bye Comcast, hello Clearwire! The speed is almost as good, and it's about $20 less a month. Thanks to my neighbour Wayne, and my friend Matt Endrizzi, I'm now up and running on the Clearwire wireless network!
I never did blog this video, and I just came across it again, so better late than never (4 months later). I give you: Bellingham's First Gay Pride Parade, July 15, 2007. (I am interviewed at around 00:35 -- in a Fabulous Scruffy Rumbler Original -- and appear again at about 03:20, walking next to the incomparable Whoretense's Apocolypticop car!)

(Direct link to video)

Pride 2007 Radical Fairy
Originally uploaded by Nightsinge
And here's a photo of me I found at Flickr!
Wow, cool, I'm mentioned in this month's issue of The Betty Pages!

The Betty Pages:
Bellingham's only alternative lifestyle tabloid

November 2007 issue, p.3:
Betty's Corner
By Betty Desire

...Activities for LGBT folks in our city are blooming as if it were spring! If you can wake yourself before 10 AM on a Saturday morning, get on over to Three Trees Coffee House and check out the new Bellingham Chapter of Radical Fairies. Haggard is the facilitator of this branch of what is one of the oldest organizations of gay men in the United States...

Oh, bless Betty. She got my name wrong (it's Hagrid, not Haggard, though I sure feel like it sometimes!), and the time is wrong, because Three Trees doesn't open until 10am, and we're usually there from 10-is until noon-ish, but at least we got some publicity!

And for the record, I don't facilitate ANYTHING. I just show up, and mooch drinks
and cigarettes when I'm broke. (Thank you! You know who you are!)

I'm no more responsible for the formation of this coffee meeting than is Whoretense or Rick, who helped get it going as much as I did, or any of the wonderful Faeries who keep it going with their company each weekend.

But, it's hard to explain non-hierarchical consensus-driven group process to someone who hasn't experienced it...

As for the "branch of one of the oldest organizations" part, well, the Radical Faeries are not an organization in any organized sense of the word, just a group of like-minded radical oddball gay men who like to get together for good company, good conversations, and the occasional outrageous outfit. I think Betty is confusing the Radical Faeries (which began in the 1970s) with the Mattachine Society (which started in the 1950s).

Harry Hay, the spiritual godmother of the Radical Faeries, was instrumental in getting both movements going, and could be called a "founder" of both groups (though there were others who didn't get as much press). I suppose that could be where the confusion is coming from.

But, hey, any press is good press, right?


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