OK, time to pull the plug on this show. Agent Booth just had an argument with Stewie from "Family Guy."

( Earlier: 2009.02.01: I think Bones has Jumped the Shark )
I've enjoyed watching the Fox show Bones lately, because of its endearing characters, even though the science is sometimes a little wonky. The show is clearly a Moonlighting clone, with a strong unconsummated sexual tension between the two main characters driving the story, and some very witty banter. The tension of religion vs. science that permeates Bones and Booth's relationship is also fascinating, with Bones presenting atheistic arguments on a regular basis. It's really rare to find strong and sympathetic atheist characters on TV.

But lately, the show has started becoming predictable, with every new recurring character either ending up a murderer, a cannibal, or dead. And a recent episode, "Double Trouble in the Panhandle," really made me wince. Twice now, I've tried watching this episode, and I just have to turn it off before the end, it's so embarrassing. In it, Bones and Booth go undercover, joining the circus as a knife throwing act, in order to investigate the death of conjoined twins who were circus performers.

Frankly, I just can't suspend disbelief with this episode, and I have to say it: If this is the level the show is sinking to, then it has clearly jumped the shark. The writers are scraping the bottom of the barrel.

It's time to have Bones and Booth fuck, and end the series gracefully, before they embarrass themselves further.

Hulu has added a buffer indicator on their video player!

For a user with a fairly slow Internet connection, this is a WONDERFUL addition. Online video tends to stutter on my machine when traffic is high. Now I can click on an episode, walk away, and when it's fully buffered, I can watch it!

Now if only Joost would do this. And South Park Studios.

Oh, incidentally, that screenshot is of "Bones," a show Nate got me hooked on while I've been bedridden.


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