Because WTA isn't running today, I asked my friend [ profile] seespikerun to drive me to the ATM, and then to Haggen to get some groceries and smokes (I got my January disability disbursement from DSHS today -- time to pay rent!). I went to the WECU ATM on campus, because it disburses $5 bills. One of the bills was another Where's George bill:

Cool! I gave it to Alex to pay him back for the $5 I borrowed from him to buy cigarettes last week.

Where will it go next?


here is the drawing i did of you. :]

if you want to come to the show and see all the bus people [ so you know it's not a cover story :) ] i will be having my solo show at digs [corner of holly & commercial] in may. i can let you know when the opening is when i know for sure!

so far you are everyones favorite portrait, thought you might like to know that ;]

have a fabulous weekend. and i hope the job hunt is going better.


I think she did a nice job of capturing the eyes.

Coming home on the bus after seeing "Battle in Seattle," a young woman started snapping my photo. (This one captures the moment just when I realized she was doing it.) She's a fine arts student at WWU, and likes to take pictures of people unawares on the bus, so she can draw them. Either she was telling the truth, or she's an agent of U.S. Homeland Security keeping tabs on me. Probably the former, because she agreed to email them to me, and email me a copy of the drawing when she's done. Then again, it may just be a cover story.
Photo by Kelly Björk.


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