My DVR counselor asked me to compile a wish list of clothes I need for work (once I get a job). The state may (repeat, MAY) pay for some and/or all of them, in order to get me started in an office job.

All prices are from the Casual Male XL website (, availability at the store may vary. Taxes not included.

2 Gold Series™ Neck-Relaxer® Oxford Dress Shirt 	$39.00 ea	$ 78.00
2 Gold Series™ Neck-Relaxer® Broadcloth Dress Shirt	$39.00 ea	$ 78.00
4 Harbor Bay® Stretch-Waist Pants			$40.00 ea	$160.00
4 Harbor Bay® Knit Boxer Briefs				$18.00 ea	$ 72.00
2 Wonder Width® Calf Sock				$ 7.00 pair	$ 14.00
3 J.S. Blank Solid Tonal Woven Silk Tie			$25.00 ea	$ 75.00
1 Indestructible Belt					$28.00		$ 28.00
1 Claiborne® Square Bicycle Toe Oxford dress shoes	$54.99		$ 54.99

Total: 									$559.99

Here's hoping I get a job soon to wear these at!

I need jeans, casual slacks and casual shoes as well, but DVR won't pay for them.

NOTE - My sizes are:
Shirt: Neck 22, 37/38 sleeve
Slacks: Waist 54 Inseam 34 (a hard size to find)
T-Shirt size: 4XL Tall
Briefs: 4X
Shoes: 16 Wide
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( Aug. 8th, 2008 11:53 pm)
Thanks to Kevin ( [ profile] teledildonix ) and DVR, I now have a new set of clothes to wear to job interviews!

Kevin drove me down to Lynnwood today to go to the big and tall mens' store, and DVR gave me a voucher for $350 to buy an outfit to wear while job hunting.

Kevin helped me pick out 2 shirts, 2 pairs of dress slacks, dress shoes, dress socks, a belt, and underwear. The jacket I already had, and [ profile] kadyg helped me pick out the tie a couple of years ago when I was temping for Manpower. The sunglasses were a gift from Rick Ruben.

Yes, my friends dress me... and considering what I wear most of the time, this is a good thing.

I look good!

Hagrid's New Clothes.
Photo by Kris Burger


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