Here's an interesting and provocative thought I came across today:
"...conservatives invariably govern badly because they don’t really believe that government should exist at all - except, perhaps, as a way to funnel the peoples’ tax money into the pockets of party insiders. This conflicted (if not outright hostile) attitude toward government can’t possibly lead to any outcome other than bad management, bad policy, and eventually such horrendously bad social and economic outcomes that people are forced into the streets to hold their leaders to account..." (Ganked from Common Dreams: When Change Is Not Enough: The Seven Steps to Revolution, by Sara Robinson)
Very intriguing. Is it true, that conservatives govern so badly because, deep down, they don't believe in government in the first place? Could the same also be said of Libertarians? I presume she is talking about economic conservatives here, because social conservatives believe in government as a way to control and enforce morality.

Food for thought.


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