The boys downstairs got dressed up and went partying last night. Nate dressed up as a vampire, and Mike dressed as the creepy Burger King (He borrowed my bathrobe). Around midnight, they showed up at my place, trashed, asking me to take photos of them.

I sure have fun neighbours!
Just heard on CBC radio:

Q: What's the scariest costume you could wear for Halloween this year?

A: Dress up as a mutual fund statement!

1997.10.31 Halloween Buddha
Originally uploaded by kevynjacobs
By request of [ profile] pocketlama, here is a photo of me in my 1997 Halloween costume, while a student on Semester at Sea. The theme of Halloween that year was "Things we had seen on our voyage." I had just spent the past few weeks visiting multiple Buddhist temples all over Asia, so this outfit seemed natural. (And for the record, that's a Buddhist swastika, not a Nazi one.)


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