For my English 302 Technical Writing class, we were instructed to find a job listing for a job we'd like to have (or felt qualified for), and then write a resume cover letter targeted to that company/job. Naturally, I selected an IT job in Vancouver.
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( Jan. 20th, 2006 01:55 pm)
What I can do for you

Dear Employer,

The value I can bring to your organization goes beyond just "doing the job." I have an intuitive knack for understanding, evaluating and troubleshooting complex systems and processes, be they technical processes, computer systems, workflow, filing systems, inventory control or shipping.

I am able to come into your organization, be trained quickly in a particular job or task, and then begin to analyze the system or processes involved, finding the inefficiencies, choke points and redundant work. I am then able to propose ways to streamline and simplify the processes, making the system simpler, faster and more time-efficient, saving your organization time and money, as well as improving morale.

Once the streamlined processes are in place, I am able to bridge the gap between the technical and non-technical worlds, creating simple documentation for the new processes in terms that are easy for all employees to understand, and I can train employees in the new processes as well.

At that point, I am able to take up analyzing a new system, job or process, and repeating the cycle again, as well as functioning as a fully trained resource and back-up person for the previous job, thus increasing my value to your organization.

In addition to this most important skill, I bring to the table a strong background in computer skills, including 20+ years of Apple Macintosh experience, fully functional familiarity with PC/Windows and Unix systems, ten years of professional web management experience, superior abilities in writing, editing, desktop publishing and related journalism skills, experience in optimizing search engine rankings, training in project management, proven experience in managing a team of creative and technical employees, an ability to research and find needed information quickly, an extremely strong work ethic and sense of honesty, and an affable, easygoing demeanor that will fit well in any office setting.

I hope you will consider taking advantage of my services. I bring a lot more to the table than just a “9-to-5” mentality, and guarantee that, should you bring me on to your team, it will be a most profitable arrangement for all involved.


Kevyn ‘Hagrid’ Jacobs


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