Wow... has it already been two months?

Captain Dylan and I celebrated our two-month anniversary by going to Radical Faerie coffee this morning. We had a nice time, and Saturday mornings at Faerie coffee continue to be the social highlight of my week, enjoying the company of my friends.

In the late afternoon, I took Dylan to the Pickford Theater to see a matinee showing of Persepolis, a fascinating animated movie that tells the coming of age story of a secular Iranian girl and her family, coping with the events of the Iranian Revolution, and her own inability to conform to the new conservative Islamist standards that are imposed upon her. A stunningly beautiful film, it offers a lot of insight into the Iranian people and culture. I highly recommend it.

Now we're back at the Captain's place, and I am working on my major short story for fiction writing class, while he cooks us a nice anniversary dinner.

I am so very happy with this man. He treats me right, and I am so in love with him!
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( Feb. 20th, 2008 03:56 am)
It's 4 a.m.
And I wake up

It's only been
Ten hours
Since he laid besides me
But I already miss him.

I hug myself tightly
Remembering how he looked
Sprawled on my bed
Just ten hours ago.

My body recalls
Sharing his bed
Late at night, darkness
Naked bodies spooning
Legs intertwined
My arm draped across
His furry belly
My face buried in his neck.

I breathe in his scent
And ask him a question
He's already asleep
And he mumbles an incoherent answer
I smile, content, in My Captain's arms.

I have spent my whole life
Sleeping alone
And now...

...I don't want to.
I love taking Cpt. Dylan on geeky dates. (Two weeks ago I took him to the planetarium.) Tonight, he came over after work, and after dinner together at the VU Commons, we went to the President's Distinguished Lecture Series at the WWU PAC.

The lecturer was Stephen Prothero, an academic who studies religion, and especially American religion. He was making the case (rather persuasively) that religious illiteracy is a problem in the United States, and that both biblical studies and comparative world religious should be mandatory subjects taught in schools. I tend to agree.

Probably the most intriguing thing he said was (paraphrasing): Islam is not a religion of Peace. It's a religion of War AND Peace. So is Christianity. So is Hinduism. All religions that stick around a long time have to be able to equip people to deal with war, and also equip them to deal with peace.

He also made the argument that environmentalism can be seen as an emergent religion -- that the zealotry that drives some environmentalists (think Earth First!) are the same impulses that drive religious devotion.

I enjoyed it, and had a wonderful time with Dylan. Yes, I take my boyfriend on dates to lectures. I am such a geek!
Wow... that was like, really nice!

I had a lunch date today, with [ profile] porthos74.

Lunch turned into spending 11 hours with him -- I really enjoyed his company.

He walked in to the restaurant wearing a pair of sexy-as-all-hell buccaneer's boots and a pea coat. He has long flowing locks, and a beard. Looks kind of like a pirate. Hot hot hot!

Over lunch at Jalapenos, we talked and laughed, and found we have a lot in common. It really was a fun first date. And he has a sexy accent, too - a touch of Welsh English (his family came from Wales, though he was born and raised in Pennsylvania).

After lunch, we went walking up on Sehome hill. Then I gave him the tour of Fairhaven College and the Outback. Then we went back to my place and drank a bottle of wine, and talked. Then we we drove over to James St. Estates, to look at all the pretty Xmas lights. Then to his place, where we had dinner, then played pool (he has a billiard table in his apartment). Then we watched a movie together ("Clue").

It was all very comfortable, very nice.

After ten hours together, we finally kissed. Bliss.

Then he took me home. We're taking this slow. I'm glad.

I like this guy!
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( Dec. 21st, 2007 05:15 pm)
I have a lunch date on Sunday!
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( Aug. 21st, 2005 07:48 pm)

So Friday night I call Giovanni's place, and David (the neighbour) answered the phone.


Saturday morning, I paid a surprise visit to Giovanni's place. He was in bed with David.

And told me to my face that it was "innocent."

Yeah, right.

"Giovanni, I love you, but I can't trust you."

The end.
He asked for my forgiveness. Said he made a mistake. Wants me to take him back.

And I do believe in giving people second chances (though thirds are pretty much out of the question).

And, I do love him.

My heart wants him back.

Especially when he kissed me.

But my mind isn't so sure.
So I've been through anger, bargaining and depression (well I'm still in depression, actually)... don't see how denial's gonna work, but I'll be glad to get to acceptance. In the meantime, however, I have a question:

Is there truly someone for everyone? Or is that just a self-serving myth we tell ourselves and others with broken & lonely hearts, because the truth might just be too frightening to bear?

Is it possible that some people are just meant to be alone, no matter how much they try not to be?

What if not everyone has a "soul mate," or if you just missed them? What if the man of your dreams thinks you are too complicated and messed up to be involved with? Does that mean empty anonymous sex or celibacy are the only options left?

What if some men truly are islands?
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( Aug. 4th, 2005 09:04 am)
I got better things to do than play games with men.

Called in Jilted this morning. Seriously. Told the agency I couldn't deal today, my boyfriend dumped me last night. I'll try again tomorrow. Even though I hate the job. Which they know.

In the meantime, I'm polishing my résumé.. Maybe a little magic will happen?


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