My academic journal readings this week have exposed me to a lot of big words I didn't know before -- especially in the article I had to read for my Québec mid-term paper.

Here's the BIG WORDS I've learned this week:
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A couple of new vocabulary words I learned during my school readings:

sine qua non - noun: Latin, “without which not”
Something absolutely indispensable or essential, a prerequisite
Example: Defence of the French language has replaced the Catholic Church as the sine qua non of Québécois culture.

patrimony - noun: That which is passed down through the father in a patriarchal system, such as an estate, property, entitlements, legacy or birthright; in a broader sense, a heritage.
Part of being a college student is expanding your vocabulary. Especially when you're reading a whole bunch of scholarly articles in journals.

This week, I've learned quite a few of them:
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