Got an email from Mom tonight:
Will not be able to answer messages for a few days. Received a call from Red Cross this evening to pack a bag and report to their offices in Louisville early in the morning. Do not know if it will be one day or more. Will have my cell phone with. Love ME
This headline in the NY Times is the most probable explanation:
Toll of Deadly Tornadoes in South Climbs Past 50

So Mom's possibly on her way to Tennessee or Arkansas. She's an ex-nun/retired Lieutenant Colonel army nurse with M.A.S.H. experience, and now she volunteers her skills with the Red Cross any time there's an emergency situation. (She was activated during Katrina, too.)

No one has shaped my life more than this woman. I'm really proud, and really lucky, to have a Mama like her.
I spoke with my little sister, Nettie, on the phone tonight. Her unit is being sent to Camp Shelby, Mississippi, tomorrow to help with the rescue efforts in New Orleans. (She is an army medic/EMT, based at Ft. Campbell, Kentucky). She'll be EVACing people out of New Orleans by helicopter.

She only told Mom that her unit is being sent to Mississippi to help with the Gulf Coast disaster relief efforts. She hasn't told Mom that she'll be flying missions into New Orleans, because she doesn't want Mom to worry overly much.

I just have to say, I so immensely proud of my little sister.

Go Go Nettie to the Rescue!


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