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( Feb. 13th, 1999 08:00 am)
...I was talking to Ken from MMF. He was wearing his outfit from last year's Dress-Up Night: He was wearing a leather vest... and nothing else. He is so handsome!

Then the scene shifts, and I am swimming in a large body of water with someone else.
I dive down deep into the water, deeper and deeper, and I look up at the other person who is still at the surface.

I can't breathe, my air is running out, I swim towards the surface, I 'm desperate, I have to break the surface before I suffocate, drown.
I fly towards the surface until I break the surface...

...And I wake up. Gasping.

I think that I had stopped breathing, and the dream was telling me, "You're not breathing! Wake up! BREATHE!"

I think I stop breathing often at night. I snore, and Dad said that he thinks I have sleep apnea. Could be. I could lose weight, that would help. But I think that someday, I am going to die in my sleep because of it.

But not today. Today, my dream was warning me. And Ken's presence in the dream was probably part of the warning, since Ken once told me that he had sleep apnea, and he's a big guy, too.


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