OK, that's enough.

I was looking at my email inbox, LJ message inbox, and Facebook inbox, and saw that I have reached the 1,000 mark in unanswered, unread, and un-filed messages.

It's overwhelming.

I know, I know, I'm horrible about answering emails. I'm a bad person, a bad friend, and a bad correspondent.

So, I am declaring an email and message amnesty for myself. Everything in my inbox at this moment gets filed in a folder titled "Amnesty Archive 2009," and I will no longer worry about answering or responding to any of it. I'm rebooting, with a clean slate.

Going forward, I'll try to be better about responding in a timely fashion.

If you've sent a message that you are still waiting for and want a response to, please gently remind me. Otherwise, I'm starting over.

Clean slate.

Now that feels good!


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