OK Universe, my Pagan friends say this works, so I'm putting my needs out to you. *

I have a lot of talents, a lot of education, and a lot of skills to offer the human race, and right now, I feel like the resources I offer are being totally wasted. It's been a month since I graduated from University. No one is taking advantage of what I have to offer, and my time here is running out.

This is what I need RIGHT NOW: A job, or some other means to pay my rent. Something short-term, just to keep me from being evicted from my apartment (this is a real danger for me right now).

Me being homeless would be a total waste of what I have to offer the world.

Longer term, I need a career, preferably employment in Canada (British Columbia or Yukon), meaningful work where I can make a positive difference in the world, doing satisfying work that I can believe in.

That's really not too much to ask, is it?

Click for Résumé and Dependable Strengths Report )

* Yes, [livejournal.com profile] teledildonix, I can hear you now: I'm engaging in "Magical Thinking." But think of this as an empirical test. And I've clearly articulated my needs, and a plan, and posted it on the WWW -- all clearly beneficial acts on my part.

And, Stranger things have happened.


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