This is a substantial revision of my story Tigers are Predators, Humans are Prey, which I wrote for my English 351 class last quarter. For our final portfolio, we were required to make a major revision to one of our stories, and I re-wrote "Tigers" completely from the Tiger's P.O.V. I think the story is definitely improved. I meant to post this revision to LJ earlier, but just didn't get around to doing it until now.
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( Mar. 10th, 2008 09:50 am)
We're down to the last week before finals, and that means quarter projects are coming due. Fortunately, I only have one actual final (which I can take at home on the computer), but two portfolios and a poster presentation I have to turn in as well. And, of course, they're not done yet because I procrastinate like crazy.

I'm going to be OK, though. The Captain has been a real blessing through this. I actually get more homework done when I am at his place than when I am home by myself -- he won't let me slack off and go into la la land, cracking the whip on me to finish my stuff before playtime. It's actually working. He's like the disciplinarian I never had growing up.

He talked to my mother last week, and apparently Mom told him "Kevyn isn't very good at getting things done on his own." Too true, Mom, I just didn't know you had noticed! It seems I made the right choice in seeking out a captain to catch my wild wind in his sails.

Still, in the next 8 days, I have to get the following done:

JOUR 340 History of Mass Media:
  • 1 annotated bibliography (50% done)
  • 1 poster presentation on "Rosie the Riveter" in the media (40% done)
  • 1 textbook to finish reading (80% done)
ENG 351 Fiction Writing:
  • 3 stories to edit (0% done)
  • 1 "stranger comes to town 2-4 page story to finish (50% done)
  • 1 Conflict only through setting 2-4 page short story (0% done)
  • 1 Character voice through dialogue 2-4 page shot story (0% done)
  • 1 novel (Cloud Atlas) to finish reading (40% done)
  • 1 2-4 page short story continuing a thread in Cloud Atlas (0% done)
  • 1 unknown Cloud Atlas assignment that he hasn't given us yet, but will probably give us on Tuesday or Thursday
  • 1 major re-write of my "Tigers are Predators" story (10% done, and this will mostly write itself)
  • ...and all of this ENG 351 work will need to be compiled into a portfolio due a week from Tuesday.
ENG 462 Grant Writing:
  • 4 pages of boilerplate grant materials for our project. Fortunately, because of circumstances beyond our control, the actual grant itself isn't going to be written, but we still have to present the project with a mess of grant materials for them to use going forward.


It's gonna be a busy busy week. And, I still need to register for classes for spring!
Kevyn ‘Hagrid’ Jacobs
ENG 351 – Intro to Fiction Writing
Nick Dybek, Instructor

Die Weiße Rose Blüht Wieder
(The White Rose Blooms Again)

“Jess! Someone’s coming!”

Jessica released her finger from the nozzle on the can of spray paint. The hissing of the propellant stopped, and she held her breath, frozen in place. Any movement at all might be heard by the unknown person walking towards the enclosed sculpture that hid her. The consequences of being caught spray painting graffiti on campus – especially political graffiti – were too uncomfortable to contemplate.
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Time I posted the previous LJ entry (the ENGL 351 story assignment): 14:55.

Time Google Blogs Alert email arrived letting me know Google had crawled the page: 16:02.

Time elapsed between publishing this story and it's being crawled by Google: 1hr, 7mins.

Damn. That's fast. Talk about an accelerating culture!
Here it is, my first attempt at writing a complete short story.

Kevyn 'Hagrid' Jacobs
ENG 351: Intro to Fiction Writing

Tigers are Predators, Humans are Prey


The challenge reverberated across the dry moat, echoing off the sculpted concrete walls on the other side. A skinny human male with spots of acne and only the very first stirrings of a beard stood on the lip of the moat, his fist raised in the air defiantly. Across the gulf, on the grassy enclosure beyond, lay two Siberian tigers, ignoring the boy, just as they ignored most of the noisy visitors to the zoo. A third tiger, a tigress named Olga, turned her head to look at the source of the disturbance.
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( Jan. 23rd, 2008 07:02 pm)
I just had a good laugh on Wiktionary, because of a remarkable coincidence.

Our fiction class is reading Cloud Atlas, a novel by David Mitchell. (No, I never heard of him, either.)

Anyway, as is often the case when reading, if I come across an unfamiliar word that I am not able to contextually reason out a meaning for, I go to the dictionary.

Of course, in this digital age, I don't actually own a dictionary anymore... or any other reference books, for that matter. No, when I need to look up a word today, I go to Wiktionary (, the free Wiki dictionary, edited by users.

So this evening, I was reading Cloud Atlas, and came upon this sentence:
Attentive conversation is an emollient I lack sorely aboard Prophetess & the doctor is a veritable polymath.
Now, I had no idea what an emollient is, so I went to the Wiktionary entry on the word emollient. Here's the entry:
emollient, Noun (plural emollients)
IPA: /ɪ'mɒlɪənt/

1. something which softens or lubricates the skin
• 1993: It must be most painful to have a hard rod thrust into the nether orifice. That was a most painful punishment you had for the King in your play. Painful but fitting. -- There are emollients, Kit said, oil, butter and the like. The pleasure is considerable. -- Anthony Burgess, A Dead Man in Deptford
2. anything soothing, or that makes something more acceptable
• 2004: Attentive conversation is an emollient I lack sorely aboard Prophetess & the doctor is a veritable polymath. -- David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas
Now, definition #2 seems most apt for the context of this sentence. But then I read the example sentence, used to demonstrate how the word is used in a sentence.

I busted out laughing!

Not only was the book I am reading the source of the sample sentence, but the very sentence I was reading!

I've never had a coincidence like this happen before while looking up a word in the dictionary. The odds against this happening would have to be pretty high, I'm guessing.
Our first assignment for my Intro to Fiction Writing class was to write two pages, one of pure fiction, the other of nonfiction. The object is to see if the instructor and class can figure out which one is which. Regular readers of this journal will, of course, recognize the nonfiction one immediately.

Truth... or Fiction? (Part I)

The pirate strode into the ethnic restaurant near the docks, looking for a new first mate. Captain Porthos shook the rain off of his pea coat and long ginger hair, and looked around the establishment, his eyes not yet accustomed to the gloom.
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