As my regular readers know, my sister, Nettie, is a medic in the U.S. Army, currently serving in Iraq.

And Erin Mansur, an old friend and colleague from my Kansas State Collegian days, is THE MOST AWESOME PERSON EVER. She's a 6th grade teacher in Brooklyn, NY, and after I expressed my anxieties on my blog about Nettie going to Iraq, she encouraged her students to "adopt" my sister!

She got them to send letters to Nettie! My sister is going to be sooooooo surprised when she gets a bunch of letters from 6th graders in Brooklyn! She has no idea what's coming.

Here's the message Erin sent me today:

The first batch of letters from my 6h grade class are off in the post to Nettie today. I read through them. Some of my favorite quotes are:

"How long were you in training to be a metic"

"I hope you are doing well and are not worried about your job. You are going to be doing a dangerous job but you will be helping many people and I honor you for that."

"I hope you understand how many people appreciate that you are doing this, because I do."

"I hope you have amazing Thanksgivings with all of your friends around you"

"Here are some of my best drawings. I hope you enjoy them"

"Sometimes I go to independent films. But I can't go that often because I have a three year old sister and she doesn't behave well"

"The 6th grade and the whole middle school hold you in the light and wish you a happy holidays."

"P.S. you are always in my mind"

Thought you might appreciate knowing that.

Love, E

Erin, you have no idea how much I worship you, now!


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