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( Dec. 19th, 2008 04:54 pm)
Went down to the Post Offices, bag full of parcels to mail to Iraq and Japan and Kentucky (Sister, Brother, Mother). Felt really holiday spirit-y. Especially when I discovered there was only ONE clerk was working in the downtown P.O., and the line was out to the lobby...

Spent some of my Christmas money and bought a new broom at the feed and seed store, so I can sweep the snow off my porch. Also picked up my shirt and pants from the cleaner (seat repair!), and dropped off another of my dress shirts to be laundered and heavily starched.

Went to the power company to pay part of my bill, but the office had closed early due to weather. Later on that payment, then.

I dragged everything home, and now I'm taking a quick warm-up break to write this before I head out again to get supper!


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