Keep trying to sleep. I doze off, then the pain in my feet wakes me.

Aspirin doesn't do much for the pain, but I don't have anything else, and food stamps won't buy Tylenol. (Or cigarettes.)

Sometimes when I wake up, I watch an episode of Mary Tyler Moore on Hulu, to distract myself. I often fall asleep before the episode ends, only to have my foot wake me half an hour later. And the cycle continues.

This is turning out to be a long, miserable night.
My right foot is swollen, and it hurts to put any weight on it. I had to cancel an appointment I had for this morning because I can't leave the apartment, much less make it downtown. I can't walk down the stairs again, and am pretty much bedridden again. Worse part is, this time all I have is aspirin, which doesn't work well for gout. I need real painkillers!

I'm pretty sure its another gout attack, in combination with my disintegrating orthotics, and my shoes which are starting to wear unevenly from the pronation. Last night, I had Krab dip and crackers for dinner, and I just know that's what must have exacerbated it. It seems that anytime I eat artificial crab meat anymore, I get a gout attack. Ouch. I also probably overdid it on the meat protein last night... I had gone to Haggen when I received my food stamps yesterday, and was craving meat, so I also got some fried chicken.

And the pain started 2 days ago when I ate salmon I got from the food bank last week. Sheesh.

What I am eating is killing me!
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( Dec. 1st, 2008 10:33 am)
The ankle I sprained 5 days ago when I slipped in the mud at the bus stop has developed some pretty substantial bruising, and is a bit swollen. It's not super painful, but it sure is stiff and sore.


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