Final grades are in now:

ENGL 335 Lit&Exprsn:Postwar Global Film: B
PLSC 445B0 Quebec Politics & Quebec-US Relations: B+

Did better than I thought I would in both classes. Interpersonal communication is the one I dropped.
School's over!

Diploma in August.
Winter Quarter 2008 grades are in, and I passed everything:

ENGL 351 Intro to Fiction Writing C+
ENGL 462 Grant Writing A-
JOUR 340 History of Mass Media C

The two C's were no surprise - I slacked off, and it took Captain Dylan's help to make it though with a passing grade. I worked my ass off the last couple of weeks of the quarter in order to pass. (Thank you, Captain!)
C is for Credit, that's good enough for me!

The A- in grantwriting was a surprise, because I slacked off in there just as much, if not more, and my team never even got a final grant produced. I think the professor was being generous, but I won't look a gift horse in the mouth! That's 13 credits down... not sure how many more to go!


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