Knee's much better, still hobbling around with a cane, but at least now I can descend and ascend the stairs. Took advantage of it and went down to Haggen to get some groceries and laundry quarters (I got a small loan from a friend, thank you). Fortunately, I live right by the bus stop, and the bus goes by the supermarket, so I didn't have to walk too much, which was good, because by the time I got back, loaded with groceries, I was dragging. Baby steps, baby steps.

Saturday morning I get to go to Mt. Vernon! Yay me! DSHS wants me to go down there to meet with a doctor who evaluates disabilities. (On Saturday? Really?) So the timing is good, not yet fully recovered from a serious gout attack, but recovered enough to actually get there.

Unfortunately, I will have to miss the Israel-Gaza demonstration tomorrow. Sorry Alex. :(
Because WTA isn't running today, I asked my friend [ profile] seespikerun to drive me to the ATM, and then to Haggen to get some groceries and smokes (I got my January disability disbursement from DSHS today -- time to pay rent!). I went to the WECU ATM on campus, because it disburses $5 bills. One of the bills was another Where's George bill:

Cool! I gave it to Alex to pay him back for the $5 I borrowed from him to buy cigarettes last week.

Where will it go next?
I just went grocery shopping at Haggen's, and was perusing the imported cheese case, when a stack of small, round, red wheels of cheese jumped out at me.

OMG! Wensleydale!

I just HAD to buy it. I've always wondered what it tastes like. It was expensive - $9.99 for a 200g wheel - and an extravagant impulse buy at that, because I had to pay for it with food stamps, and I'm not even employed yet. But, I'm in the mood to celebrate, and... it's WENSLEYDALE!

Guess what I am having for dinner tonight? ;-)

(Sheesh, I'm just as bad as those kids who make their parents buy a box of cereal just because it has their favourite cartoon character on it.)



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