Keep trying to sleep. I doze off, then the pain in my feet wakes me.

Aspirin doesn't do much for the pain, but I don't have anything else, and food stamps won't buy Tylenol. (Or cigarettes.)

Sometimes when I wake up, I watch an episode of Mary Tyler Moore on Hulu, to distract myself. I often fall asleep before the episode ends, only to have my foot wake me half an hour later. And the cycle continues.

This is turning out to be a long, miserable night.

Hulu has added a buffer indicator on their video player!

For a user with a fairly slow Internet connection, this is a WONDERFUL addition. Online video tends to stutter on my machine when traffic is high. Now I can click on an episode, walk away, and when it's fully buffered, I can watch it!

Now if only Joost would do this. And South Park Studios.

Oh, incidentally, that screenshot is of "Bones," a show Nate got me hooked on while I've been bedridden.


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