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( Aug. 30th, 2008 04:23 pm)
So, before I do anything else, I think it's time for me to take a moment and stop and express my deep appreciation for everyone who has helped me get to where I am now in my education.
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( Aug. 8th, 2008 11:53 pm)
Thanks to Kevin ( [ profile] teledildonix ) and DVR, I now have a new set of clothes to wear to job interviews!

Kevin drove me down to Lynnwood today to go to the big and tall mens' store, and DVR gave me a voucher for $350 to buy an outfit to wear while job hunting.

Kevin helped me pick out 2 shirts, 2 pairs of dress slacks, dress shoes, dress socks, a belt, and underwear. The jacket I already had, and [ profile] kadyg helped me pick out the tie a couple of years ago when I was temping for Manpower. The sunglasses were a gift from Rick Ruben.

Yes, my friends dress me... and considering what I wear most of the time, this is a good thing.

I look good!

Hagrid's New Clothes.
Photo by Kris Burger
I'm back from Bellingham's 2nd annual Gay Pride Parade, and what a wonderful day it was. The weather was perfect: warm and sunny, but not too hot.

We assembled at Bellingham High School, and I stripped down to my skivvies and had people paint my body day-glo with finger paint (I supplied rubber gloves to keep hands clean). It was really tribal, and I had fun (even if a drag queen did graffiti on my back... ;-)

I walked with the Faeries... Whoretense wore a fabulous flower print mini dress and her dog Sadie walked too, [ profile] teledildonix in chaps, Rick in a most amazing pair of metal mesh and leather wings, Bruce in his bow tie, and even Ted in his wheelchair!

We marched to the Depot Market, and we even had bible-worshipping protesters along the route this year! We've arrived! (Last year, we just got ignored.)

And me, once again I debuted a new Scruffy Rumbler outfit, a skirt made only of neckties! I was amazing. Lots of people took pictures of me. And I got cruised by a really cute guy in the marching band. *sigh* If only I had been able to give him my card :-(

I'll post/link pictures as soon as they're available!

UPDATE: Photos of Bellingham RadFaes from Faces of Bellingham:

I'm back!

After spending days being hobbled by a sweet-tea-soaked-dead keyboard (*bzzzzt*), being forced to use the mouse and a virtual keyboard to type (*AAAAAAGH*), and totally unable to work on Wikipedia articles... [ profile] teledildonix came to my rescue! He had an older-model (but still compatible) Mac keyboard lying around, and he gave it to me. Thank you so much, Kevin. Once again, you've pulled my fat ass out of the fire!

Today was a busy, busy day. I slept in, then ate a leisurely breakfast of Corn Flakes and Mountain Dew, and did almost nothing until noon.

Then, I showered, dressed, and started my day. ;-)

Caught the bus to the University, and paid my remaining fees (to keep the road to graduation in August clear), went to the bus station, bought a July bus pass, went to WorkSource downtown to meed with my DVR counselor. Turned out to be a really good meeting: we talked about how I should broach the subject of my disability with future employers (her advice: not until after they've given you a firm job offer in writing), what my plans are (short term: find a part-time job, long-term, find a permanent job), should I cut my hair & beard (no, but I do need a trim), how I can include my Wikipedia editing experience for any job I apply for, etc. I've also agreed to start going to job club every Monday morning, to network. Then she asked me what DVR could do for me, and here's what we came up with: DVR will pay for my graduation expenses (cap and gown rental). DVR will pay for a brand new outfit (shirt, slacks, shoes) for me to wear to interviews. And DVR will pay my bus pass all summer! Cool deal, no?

Afterwards, I went to Kevin's place to get the keyboard, then to get some groceries, including a $16 salad (don't ask), and now I'm home!

Now I just gotta get caught up on my emails and LJ comments...


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