I'm a Kansas Boy, born in the land of the People of the South Wind. I'm a Prairie Faerie, from the home where the Buffalo Roam, and the Deer and the Antelope Play (yes it is the state song). Like Dorothy, I know what a tornado looks like. (If you crack an Oz joke, I'll drop a house on you!)

And cliché as it may sound, my favourite flower is the sunflower. Big, tall, strong, yummy, and cheerfully yellow tastefully surrounding a large brown centre. I have fond memories as a child being down below the wild sunflowers which towered over me then. (Even now, at my adult height of 2m, I am still shorter than some Kansas Sunflowers).

Kansas is the Sunflower State. And though I no longer live in the land of my birth -- and have no intention of returning -- I still love the Kansas Sunflowers.

And now they may be going away.



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