I love taking Cpt. Dylan on geeky dates. (Two weeks ago I took him to the planetarium.) Tonight, he came over after work, and after dinner together at the VU Commons, we went to the President's Distinguished Lecture Series at the WWU PAC.

The lecturer was Stephen Prothero, an academic who studies religion, and especially American religion. He was making the case (rather persuasively) that religious illiteracy is a problem in the United States, and that both biblical studies and comparative world religious should be mandatory subjects taught in schools. I tend to agree.

Probably the most intriguing thing he said was (paraphrasing): Islam is not a religion of Peace. It's a religion of War AND Peace. So is Christianity. So is Hinduism. All religions that stick around a long time have to be able to equip people to deal with war, and also equip them to deal with peace.

He also made the argument that environmentalism can be seen as an emergent religion -- that the zealotry that drives some environmentalists (think Earth First!) are the same impulses that drive religious devotion.

I enjoyed it, and had a wonderful time with Dylan. Yes, I take my boyfriend on dates to lectures. I am such a geek!
I will be accused of being anti-semitic for writing this (I'm not, I'm anti-zionist, there's a difference), and maybe even someday lined up against a wall and shot for it when the Christian Reich takes over the U.S., but I agree with Bishop Desmond Tutu: Israel is a state founded on racism and apartheid. If anyone has the right to call it Apartheid, Tutu does.

Any state that exists to promote one religion or race over another is wrong. Period. And until Israelis give up this notion of a "Jewish state" and seek a one-state solution, where every citizen is treated equally, with respect, there will never be peace. After all, the Israelis stole the land from the Palestinians (the same way the Americans stole this land from the Native Americans).

My prescription for peace in the Middle East is this: The Israelis must a) stop stealing the Palestinians' land, b) make reparations to the Palestinians for what they have stolen, and c) stop pretending that a make-believe sky-being called "god" gives them the right to be racists and theives. The Palestinians must a) stop the suicide violence, b) adopt a non-violent approach to the Israeli oppression, a la Gandhi, and c) stop pretending that a make-believe sky-being called "allah" gives them the right to be racists and murderers.

Enough is enough. The United States needs to stop supporting Israeli Apartheid.

And it's not anti-Jewish to say so.


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