I just penned a letter to each of my senators and representatives in Washington, D.C. (Sen. Maria Cantwell, Sen. Patty Murray, and Rep. Rick Larsen):

ENOUGH! Israel's recent behaviour in Gaza is completely unacceptable, and must not be allowed to continue unchallenged. This is not self-defence, it's retribution, and a war crime. I urge you to work to stop Israeli state-sponsored violence against Palestine, and furthermore, to cut off the flow of U.S. military aid and taxpayer money to Israel. I do not want my tax dollars going to fund Israel's oppression of Palestine any more.

I look forward to your reply.


Kevyn Jacobs

It may be futile, but it's important for these people to know that their constituents are objecting to what's happening in Gaza (on our dime). Never let it be said that I did nothing to stop the bloodshed.

I urge my friends who feel as I do to write their elected representatives in Washington. You can get their addresses at http://votesmart.org by entering your zip code.
Ok, I've been threatening to do this for a while. It may not do any good, it may be too little too late, and I may end up regretting exercising my free speech rights later by revealing myself here as a Cheney opponent*, but I am fed up. I wrote a letter to my Representative in the U.S. House today:


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