Some 30 years ago this holiday season, waaaaaay back in 1978, I was an excited 10-year-old geekling who eagerly plopped down in front of his TV to watch one of those ubiquitous musical holiday specials -- this one, with a Star Wars theme!

Here's part 1 of 11:

It's truly bad -- so bad, it's *almost* good. Lucas has tried to bury this, but every year, it rears its Lumpy head again! I make no guarantees that the videos will still be available on YouTube by the time you read this.

All of the parts are here:

Especially worth watching: Boba Fett's first appearance ANYWHERE in the animated segment, Bea Arthur's Cantina Cabaret, and the 1970s commercials on this recording.
Especially worth mocking: Carrie Fisher's singing, Chewbacca's outfit, and anything Harvey Korman appears in.

Coming up at 11: How to fight the frizzies.
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( Jul. 22nd, 2008 11:45 pm)
Got up this morning and went down to Kris & Kokii's to get the Star Wars Trilogy VHS tapes that I needed to return to the WWU library. Took the bus to campus & returned them, then visited my Tech Writing professor to talk about various things (he's going to write me a letter of reference, and he gave me a list of tech writer employment resources). Went to the cashier's office to pick up an invoice of the $40 I owe for degree application, which I am asking DVR to pay.

Went by the WWU alumni office to sign up for the graduation ceremony next month, and give my measurements for cap & gown (I'm sure it's not every day that they have to procure these for 6'7" 400# graduates!). Went downtown to submit the invoice to DVR, then took a bus out to the hospital to visit [profile] kennapea , who has been hospitalized with abdominal pain that they can't seem to diagnose. She's in good spirits, despite being hospitalized for 4 days now.

Surprisingly, BoyJeep is still in the parking lot there at St. Joseph, where he's been since Memorial Day weekend (I half expected they would have towed him by now). He still won't start. I don't have the money to have him towed, or the money to have him repaired (Anyone have AAA they could help me out to have him towed back to my place?).

Came home, and Kris came by. We hung out for a while, then I spent the rest of the evening on Facebook and playing Star Wars: Empire at War.

Time for bed.


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