Because WTA isn't running today, I asked my friend [ profile] seespikerun to drive me to the ATM, and then to Haggen to get some groceries and smokes (I got my January disability disbursement from DSHS today -- time to pay rent!). I went to the WECU ATM on campus, because it disburses $5 bills. One of the bills was another Where's George bill:

Cool! I gave it to Alex to pay him back for the $5 I borrowed from him to buy cigarettes last week.

Where will it go next?

2008.12.01 Where's George? dollar bill
I intentionally blurred out the serial number and series on the scan so that no one could use this image to create false trackings of the bill on the site. It has happened!
Yesterday, while buying a pack of cigarettes at the Rite Aid Pharmacy in downtown Bellingham, I received this bill in change.

It's a "Where's George?" bill! I haven't seen one of these in a while. I logged into my account and entered it. Turns out, it got stamped in Lynnwood, Washington, back in August -- just like me, it had migrated from Lynnwoood to Bellingham!

Here's the tracking report for the bill:"

Back around the turn of the Millennium, I used to play this game obsessively. I'd mark all of my money with a stamp, enter the serial numbers into, and then turn the money loose into the wild. Very, very OCD. (I used to have money back then, when I was working as a corporate manager for Morris Communications, during those heady Dot.Com gold rush days.)

I actually had some bills turn up in some wild places, like Puerto Rico, Belize, and Iraq. I had a bill used in a police drug purchase. I even had two bills that I got in change from a gay sex club in Augusta, Georgia (yes, I indicated this on the tracking report -- and [ profile] atldaddybear knows where I'm talking about!) that hit 4 times apiece!
(1, 2) Talk about gay visibility in the South.

After a couple of years, though, I got kind of burned out on Where's George? It was cool and all to see where my money went after I spent it, but it was a lot of work (and, as I said, very, very OCD), and so I stopped completely by the time I started school at WWU. Other priorities, you know.

But on those rare occasions when I come across a WG bill in the wild... I log back on to the site and track it!


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