I went to Worksource for my NW CLIC volunteering interview this morning, a knot of anxiety. It actually went pretty well. I really seemed to impress the volunteer coordinator, who looks forward to me working 8-10 hrs. a week. They want me to take over the Microsoft Excel class, so I have my work cut out for me.

I also learned something interesting at WorkSource: I can get FREE certification in just about *anything* Microsoft trains and certifies in, through a pilot program called Microsoft Elevate America. WorkSource provides the vouchers for the online courses and certification testing. I'm going to immediately get certification in Microsoft Office, etc., and take some of the more advanced IT professional training courses and get certified in them, as well. For FREE.

Yeah, I'll do it.

I go home and started reading the course materials, and I realized I was feeling restless. So I took a walk, then caught the bus to WECU and withdrew some money for this weekend, then bought myself a Coke and walked downtown to see the new sculpture, Axiom Dyno Trilobyte, which was installed today at the Bellingham WTA bus station. It's a kinetic wind sculpture that is truly mesmerizing to watch:

The AXIOM (delivery and test mode) from Anthony Howe on Vimeo.

Aftewards, I rode the bus home, and continued to read course materials, when Werebear came over. It was a truly glorious day, so he made me go outside, and took me down to Boulevard Park, where we ate pizza and laid on a blanket and watched the shirtless men, while I read my course materials.

What started out as an anxious morning turned out to be a pretty good day!


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