My artist, graphic designer and Free Culture aficionado friends should appreciate this:
Medium-res images of the world (sans Antarctica) have been released for free under a Creative Commons license by Unearthed Outdoors:
This is really cool stuff, here. HUGE images! Their largest resolution free version is 250m per pixel, which is large enough to see Bellingham, but not enough to see my apartment building. (I downloaded the largest version, and nearly crashed my computer trying to play with it.) I've uploaded the smallest version to my Flickr acount, so others can use it. The images are a composite collected by the Landsat 7 satellite between 1999 and 2002.

( Ganked from BoingBoing )
Obama's Berlin Speech is another watermark...

"I come to you as... a fellow citizen of the world."

"...We must renew the goal of a world without nuclear weapons."

He's running for president of Europe. He's running for president of Earth.

[ * Thanks to [ profile] snousle for the nifty new term! ]


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