The U.S. Air Force has just announced its new advertising slogan: "Above All."

Don't they teach World War II history at the Air Force Academy?

It just creeps me out that they'd choose the Nazi national anthem as their slogan, especially in light of recent developments in the Air Force.

(Ganked from BoingBoing)
Kevyn ‘Hagrid’ Jacobs
ENG 351 – Intro to Fiction Writing
Nick Dybek, Instructor

Die Weiße Rose Blüht Wieder
(The White Rose Blooms Again)

“Jess! Someone’s coming!”

Jessica released her finger from the nozzle on the can of spray paint. The hissing of the propellant stopped, and she held her breath, frozen in place. Any movement at all might be heard by the unknown person walking towards the enclosed sculpture that hid her. The consequences of being caught spray painting graffiti on campus – especially political graffiti – were too uncomfortable to contemplate.
Read the whole story )


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