I have this amazing friend named Whoretense. He's a mad scientist.


He's one of the Bellingham Radical Faeries, and he's an engineer in his mundane life. But his passion... is creating these amazing fusions of art and engineering that must be seen to be believed.

Like today. After the gay marriage demonstration, he asked me to go with him up to Red Square at WWU, to try out his latest objet d'art -- a remote controlled wedding cake. With two grooms on top.

I'm not making this up!

He made a fake wedding cake out of a RC car. And put two grooms on top of it.

So we went to WWU and tried it out. It worked well! Passerby didn't seem to know what to make of a gay wedding cake zipping around Red Square!

More photos here.

Unfortunately, after only a few minutes, the batteries died, and that was the end of the WWU field test. But in light of today's protests downtown, it was oh so fabulous!

I have the best friends!
Bellingham had a very well-attended gay marriage demonstration today, downtown at the Federal Building, at the corner of Cornwall and Magnolia. At least a hundred people showed up with signs, including most of the Bellingham Radical Faeries.

Most of the reaction from people driving by was positive.

More photos here.

The demonstrators chanted and cheered as cars drove by, honking. All four corners of the intersection were lined with marriage equality demonstrators. After about an hour, we marched en masse down to the Farmer's Market.

Afterwards, Whoretense and I went to relax at the Three Trees.

Three Trees gay marriage sign

Ok, I was naughty. I littered.
What is it about the day after Halloween and smashing pumpkins?

This morning, I took the bus to RadFae coffee, and in almost every neighbourhood we rode through, the remains of smashed pumpkins could be seen in the streets. It seems almost everyone in Bellingham decided to get rid of their Jack-O-Lanterns by throwing them into the street. What an orange, goopy mess! Ah well, at least it's biodegradable.

After I got off the bus, I walked across Railroad Ave. (the bar district) on the way to the coffee house. Downtown was TRASHED! There must have been one hell of a party down there last night, because candy wrappers and beer bottles were EVERYWHERE! I even saw the occasional discarded witch's hat and costume pieces... I really should have gone down there last night!

Apparently, there was a bit of guerrilla theatre during the festivities, when scores of zombies blocked traffic to perform a choreographed rendition of Michael Jackson's "Thriller" in the middle of street. I wish I could have seen it... fortunately, someone uploaded it to YouTube:

Gotta love Bellingham!
I'm back from the Radical Faerie gathering at Breitenbush, and... WOW. Just wow.

Now I sleep.
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( Aug. 13th, 2008 09:46 am)
I'm in Portland at the moment, en route to Breitenbush Hot Springs to frolic with the Faeries.

Be back next week!
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( Jul. 25th, 2008 10:20 am)
Heading up to Canada for the weekend to go camping with the faeries. Should be fun.
I just got back from visiting our elder friend Ted this afternoon at his new digs in the Leopold Hotel on Cornwall St., just two blocks from Three Trees. I went over to help him get his computer hooked up -- we got everything we could get done, now he just has to wait for Comcast to come hook up the Internet on Tuesday -- and then we took a walk up to the Co-Op so he could get some groceries.

Despite the loss of both legs, he's getting around really well in his electric wheelchair -- I had to walk really fast to keep up with him on Holly St.! -- and is doing much, much better than he was doing when the Bellingham Radical Faeries visited him in the nursing home.

The Leopold is a retirement hotel, geared towards independent living for seniors, and I think Ted will be very happy there, especially now that he's mobile again. He's in high spirits, and was glad to have visitors.

I've invited him to join the Bellingham Radical Faeries email list, and start coming to join us for Saturday morning coffee at Three Trees. He seems interested, so hopefully, he'll be joining us this Saturday!

If anyone wants to stop by and pay him a visit, he's at the Leopold Hotel, 1224 Cornwall St., suite 202.
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( Mar. 29th, 2008 09:37 am)
It's snowing here, big, heavy clumps (not flakes, clumps) of wet snow that are accumulating rapidly. Several cm in just the past 3 hours - when I went out on the porch at 06:30 to have a smoke, it was raining and green outside. I went back to bed, snuggling up under the covers with my Captain.

Two and a half hours later, everything is white, and it's still coming down fast and hard. No way I am making it to Radical Faerie Coffee today. Good thing I'm inside, warm, with my Captain!
Wow, cool, I'm mentioned in this month's issue of The Betty Pages!

The Betty Pages:
Bellingham's only alternative lifestyle tabloid

November 2007 issue, p.3:
Betty's Corner
By Betty Desire

...Activities for LGBT folks in our city are blooming as if it were spring! If you can wake yourself before 10 AM on a Saturday morning, get on over to Three Trees Coffee House and check out the new Bellingham Chapter of Radical Fairies. Haggard is the facilitator of this branch of what is one of the oldest organizations of gay men in the United States...

Oh, bless Betty. She got my name wrong (it's Hagrid, not Haggard, though I sure feel like it sometimes!), and the time is wrong, because Three Trees doesn't open until 10am, and we're usually there from 10-is until noon-ish, but at least we got some publicity!

And for the record, I don't facilitate ANYTHING. I just show up, and mooch drinks
and cigarettes when I'm broke. (Thank you! You know who you are!)

I'm no more responsible for the formation of this coffee meeting than is Whoretense or Rick, who helped get it going as much as I did, or any of the wonderful Faeries who keep it going with their company each weekend.

But, it's hard to explain non-hierarchical consensus-driven group process to someone who hasn't experienced it...

As for the "branch of one of the oldest organizations" part, well, the Radical Faeries are not an organization in any organized sense of the word, just a group of like-minded radical oddball gay men who like to get together for good company, good conversations, and the occasional outrageous outfit. I think Betty is confusing the Radical Faeries (which began in the 1970s) with the Mattachine Society (which started in the 1950s).

Harry Hay, the spiritual godmother of the Radical Faeries, was instrumental in getting both movements going, and could be called a "founder" of both groups (though there were others who didn't get as much press). I suppose that could be where the confusion is coming from.

But, hey, any press is good press, right?


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