Nature will abide. Nature will adapt. Nature will evolve. This pleases me.

Wild Turkeys Have Adapted to Suburban, Urban Living

By 1851, wild turkeys had been hunted to extinction in Massachusetts. But now, they're making a comeback, in an unexpected way:

"The turkeys are spreading through suburbia. Wild turkeys, once eliminated in Massachusetts, are flourishing from Plymouth to Concord and - to the surprise of some wildlife officials - making forays into densely populated suburban and urban areas, including parts of Boston, Cambridge and, most recently, Brookline."

"Who knew? The last time there were turkeys in Massachusetts there weren't a whole heck of a lot of suburbs."


My response: Get used to it. Have the police and animal control weed out the aggressive ones, teach the human population how to behave around the turkey population. Let them live in our urban jungles, and enjoy this little piece of nature adapting to us.

Now, if we could just get a campaign started to get them reinstated as the national bird, like Ben Franklin wanted...


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