Wow... has it already been two months?

Captain Dylan and I celebrated our two-month anniversary by going to Radical Faerie coffee this morning. We had a nice time, and Saturday mornings at Faerie coffee continue to be the social highlight of my week, enjoying the company of my friends.

In the late afternoon, I took Dylan to the Pickford Theater to see a matinee showing of Persepolis, a fascinating animated movie that tells the coming of age story of a secular Iranian girl and her family, coping with the events of the Iranian Revolution, and her own inability to conform to the new conservative Islamist standards that are imposed upon her. A stunningly beautiful film, it offers a lot of insight into the Iranian people and culture. I highly recommend it.

Now we're back at the Captain's place, and I am working on my major short story for fiction writing class, while he cooks us a nice anniversary dinner.

I am so very happy with this man. He treats me right, and I am so in love with him!


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