I desperately need to do laundry. I don't have any clean socks left!

Unfortunately, I spent all my money on nicotine patches, so I don't have money for laundry. Grrrrr... But on the positive side, I haven't had a cigarette for 5 days now!

11 days until I get paid... I just have to make it 11 more days...
My leg's condition hasn't changed in the past couple of days -- the left knee and foot still hurts, but I'm hobbling around with a cane, slowly and painfully. Like House, M.D., but without as much attitude.

I've been getting the laundry done at a glacial pace over the past few days. Going up and down the stairs is still a dicey affair for me -- I swear I need to move to a ground floor apartment -- and every load of laundry requires me to walk up and down the stairs, usually laden with a laundry basket. Not fun. So I've been doing the laundry piecemeal over the course of several days, and it's very slowly getting done.

This morning I went down to do a load, and after I walked back up with a basket of clean clothes, I was so exhausted and in so much pain that I knew there was no way I was going to make it to physical therapy this morning... so I called and cancelled. My next appointment is Tuesday.

I've been doing the exercises at home that they have given me, so I'm not shirking, I just don't have the energy and drive this morning, and the pain is too great. That's one of the biggest problems with my physical condition right now -- leaving the apartment has become so much of an ordeal that I can't always do it when I need to.
Didn't get laundry done last night, but that's OK, I'm doing it today.

Left the apartment today for the first time in almost a week. I'm ambulatory again, albeit slowly, painfully, and with a cane. Took the first load of laundry downstairs, and then took the bus to my property managers' and paid the remainder on my rent. As of this moment, I'm square! No money owing, no excess paid (I accidentally paid ahead last month), and no outstanding late fees. Wheeee!

Went to Rite Aid to pick up a cheap door mat for my porch, and then went to Physical Therapy. Unfortunately, no hunky Viking med student this time. :( As I rode the exercise bike, I told my PT about the problems, and she told me to put off the squat exercises for now, and showed me some exercises I could do in bed that don't twist my knees. (I'll post the illustrations later.)

Then I had lunch, the first solid food I've had today. A new diner has opened up in Sehome Village, so I thought I'd try it. Had 2 big pancakes with butter and syrup, corned beef hash, some fried potatoes, a fountain Pepsi, and lots of water. Portions were bigger than expected, so I boxed leftovers to take home for dinner tonight. The food was good, but I don't recommend going in during the lunch hour right now -- waaaay too crowded, and the staff seems a little overwhelmed. Food was fine, but I didn't "get" the "hot sauce" which seemed not unlike homemade pureed jalapenos... meh...

Went to Haggens, got some cherry juice, milk, butter, etc., then took the bus home. Went to the laundry room to do the next load, and then struggled up the stairs.

Ordered a new pair of Propet walking shoes from kingsizedirect.com. I desperately need a new pair, since my pronation has worn down the heels to the point when it's exacerbating my walking problems.

Prices have also gone up for size 16 wides -- cost me $80 (incl. shipping). That's disappointing, but I couldn't not get them.

Next crisis: Keep the power from being turned off, and then try to figure a way to pay my DNS registration for kevyn.com. It expired yesterday!
Knee's much better, still hobbling around with a cane, but at least now I can descend and ascend the stairs. Took advantage of it and went down to Haggen to get some groceries and laundry quarters (I got a small loan from a friend, thank you). Fortunately, I live right by the bus stop, and the bus goes by the supermarket, so I didn't have to walk too much, which was good, because by the time I got back, loaded with groceries, I was dragging. Baby steps, baby steps.

Saturday morning I get to go to Mt. Vernon! Yay me! DSHS wants me to go down there to meet with a doctor who evaluates disabilities. (On Saturday? Really?) So the timing is good, not yet fully recovered from a serious gout attack, but recovered enough to actually get there.

Unfortunately, I will have to miss the Israel-Gaza demonstration tomorrow. Sorry Alex. :(
Today's turned out to be a surprisingly good day.

It didn't start out that way, though. I was bored, broke, and out of cigarettes this morning, and hadn't done anything productive at all. Hadn't even showered, and was just sitting around playing games on the computer at around noon, when my friend Kokii showed up. She was on her way home from work (she walks by my apartment building on her way home) and shouted up to me to come keep her company because she was going to play hooky from her afternoon classes.

Kokii is a trip. She's 20 years old, and is from Juneau (though we never met while I lived there). She's a student at WWU's Fairhaven College, and is a bundle of childlike energy. With her, it's always an adventure. She's a princess, and always makes me laugh.

I was thrilled that she got me out of the house today. We went to the drug store and grocery store together, created some chaos (she loves doing that), and she bought me a pack of smokes, so I wouldn't have to bum all hers.

Then we drove downtown to пельмени (Pelmeni) and had lunch. Now, for those of you who don't know, a pelmeni is a Russian dumpling, similar to a pierogi, except it's not fried, just boiled. Served with melted butter, vinegar, sour cream, hot sauce and cilantro, and a slice of bread, it's absolutely delicious. Warm, tasty, inexpensive, stick-to-your-ribs fare. What more could you ask for?

I first discovered pelmeni when I was living in Juneau. Up in Alaska's capital city, there's a pelmeni shop downtown. It's a hole in the wall, and it only serves one thing: pelmenis (either meat or potato), and soft drinks. That's it. And it's open well into the wee hours of the morning, which in Juneau means it's just about the only place to get hot food after hours. It's very popular after-bar food, and more than once when I was working a late night shift at the Juneau Empire, I'd go to pelmeni after work for some boiled dumpling goodness.

When Kokii & I were first getting to know each other, we'd swap stories about Juneau, and we both would wax poetic about pelmeni. To our delight, we've discovered that there's a pelmini shop here in Bellingham! It turns out that it is owned by the same people who own the shop in Juneau, and the menu is exactly the same. Kokii's been threatening to take me there for a while, and in order to get me out of the house today, that's exactly what she did.

We sat in the front window of the shop and ate our pelmeni, and Kokii found a copy of Tom Sawyer on the shelf of the shop, and demanded that I read to her while we ate. So I did. And we people watched. It was fun!

Afterwards, we went back to her place, and I did my laundry while she studied. After the washer was loaded, I channel surfed, and discovered that the first episode of Babylon 5: The Lost Tales was available OnDemand! YES!

After getting her permission, I ordered it, and kicked back to watch the first new Babylon 5 episode in years. Pelmeni and Babylon 5, in the same day? I'm in heaven!

I really enjoyed the episode, "Voices in the Dark", and was thrilled to see the Technomage, Galen, back. Sheridan was good, too (though I would rather have had Delenn back). Lochley, though... ehhh... I mean, the story was good (it was written by JMS, so of course it was good!) , but of all the characters to reprise in this, why Lochley? Bleah. The weakest link. Now Ivanova... I would love to see Ivanova back!

And the special effects... my, what a difference 10 years of advances in CGI makes! Impressive. I am really looking forward to seeing more of this series.

The only sad thing is, with the deaths of actors Richard Biggs and Andreas Katsulas, the roles of Dr. Franklin & G'Kar can't easily be reprised. *sigh* But the Internet rumour mill suggests Londo, Garibaldi, Lyta, and even Bester (!) are coming back!

Anyway, after B5, I used her phone to call my bank, and successfullt convinced them to reverse a $29 NSF fee which wasn't my fault (score!), and then went back home. [livejournal.com profile] detailbear called me over skype, so we had a nice video chat, and then I put away my laundry. Now I'm getting ready to watch the latest episode of Heroes on nbc.com, and then go to bed.

Yes, it's been a good day. Thank you, Kokii, for getting me out of the house!

Title translation: Pelmeni! Babylon 5! What a good day!


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